Why is No One Coming After Jay-z?

The witch hunt continues in the pursuit for ‘Becky with the good hair’. The Bey-hive have been swarming, at an alarming rate. First attacking Rachel Roy, and accidentally involving innocent bystander Rachael Ray, then proceeding on to Rita Ora as a possible candidate.

I am not sure why “who the other women is”, is the main topic of the discussion. The thought that I have is why is the other women being target and not Jay-z. Jay-z has the greater obligation to Beyonce, he is the father of her child and the love of her life. Compared to the comments on Rachel’s Instagram account, Jay-z is getting off easy. He is reportedly a repeat offender, yet he seems to be the lesser of the two evils. Is there a reason why the spotlight isn’t shining as brightly on him? There is a definite double standard going on.

Women Know Better

My assumption is that we hold women to a higher standard. Beyonce represents the empowerment of women. ‘Independent Women’, ‘Flawless’, ‘My,Myself and I’, Bey tells us that she wants women to be strong and in control. Do we expect men to cheat, because they don’t have the same self control, decency and grace that women have? It is possible that we are disappointed in women, because we view men as dogs and women as understanding and caring creatures that look out for one another.

It would probably be a double standard, no matter which way we slice it. If Beyonce were to cheat, everyone would be down her throat. They could probably care less about who the other man was. Women that cheat are placed in a hall of shame and labelled as not to be trusted. A prime example of this, is Kirsten Stewart, she was attacked for cheating on then boyfriend Pattinson. I am sure the world would be just as disappointed if Bey was the one to ruin their relationship.

Its Easier to Hate the Unknown

We hate ‘Becky’ because we already love Bey. Talking about how ugly, hurting or gross the side chick is, is not okay! Cheating always sucks. The appearance of the side-chick doesn’t worsen or soften the blow, if anything it just gives men another reason to feel it is okay to judge women strictly by the way they look. Jay is definitely not completely innocent, maybe he told this ‘Becky’ character that he is unhappy and wants to run away with her. We don’t know that she is a home-wrecking temptress, nor is it our place to cyberbully this woman.

We Want Bey to be Happy

I really hope that this is the main reason. We have all seen how Jay-z looks at Beyonce, his whole face lights up. They have #relationshipgoals down to a science. Every couple of weeks one of my friends posts a meme or inspirational picture of Jay and B on Instagram, and it reminds me that we all dream of being that power couple.

We are Better Than This

Is this what the Queen B would want? Sure she is publicly shaming Jay-z, but does she want us go on a tirade hunting down the women that caused a rift in her marriage? Probably not. I doubt it matters who Jay-z cheated with, he is an adult male capable of making his own decision. Lets leave these women alone. It doesn’t matter what they look like, no matter how beautiful you are, people still find a way to cheat; Both men and women. Are we really all that surprised that the man that wrote ‘Big Pimpin’ has a wandering eye? I think not! It is time to leave ‘Becky’ alone. We can be there for the Queen B in other ways.

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