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Winter Beauty Tips – My Five Fave Things

Winter Beauty Basics


Today is the first day that I actually felt like I needed to wear my winter jacket. It dawned on me that it is officially winter. My beauty regime has to shift in order to accommodate the changing weather conditions. There are a few items that I can’t live without. 

  1. Although I do have a naturally darker completion, I still like having a little more colour throughout the winter months. This 3-in-1 is perfect, because it gives you instant colour, it moisturizes and it is easy to apply. I had tried a lot of different sunless tanners at different price points and this is still my favorite one. 
  2. Deep conditioning once a week is a must. No matter what the season my hair just seems to get to dry, course and tangled. This deep conditioner works wonders on my hair. I always do a treatment a few days before going to the hair dresser so she can’t convince me into getting a trim. I wish they came in bottle form, I load up on a few packs every time I got to Shoppers. 
  3. I love dark dramatic nail colours for the fall but my nails always chip. A nice beige colour is a nice season changer from the basic pink colours I usually get when I go for a manicure. 
  4. This matte liquid lipstick from The Balm is the best way to complete a winter look. I love this dramatic colour, plus when it dries it stays on forever! I want one of these in every colour for every occasion.
  5. Vancouver is named Raincouver for a reason. The rain season has started to roll in and the best way for me to be prepared is with bobbi pins. Even though my hair is brown, I love gold for the fall. Interesting pin placement can really pull together a hairdo if you get caught in the rain. I like to use the gold bobbi pins and make a triangle formation when I pull my hair back. I don’t try to hide them because the gold is nice in contrast with my dark hair. 

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