Winterizing Your Bedroom

The winter months are always hard for me.The temperature continues to drop, and each day it is getting darker earlier. My body intuitively starts to slip into hibernation mode. In order for me to mentally prepare, I feel the need to make a few adjustments to my environment so I feel physically prepared as well. 

In anticipation of spending more time inside, I started making my home as cozy as possible for all my future nights in. I tend rotate a few things around my apartment depending on the season. I dress my apartment for the seasons, as I would dress myself. In the summer months I love vibrant colours and light breathable fabrics and in the winter I love a nice heavy knit, wool and a touch of faux fur.  

I started gathering a few things to give my bedroom a wintry feel. My pinned duvet cover is from West Elm. I love the crisp clean look of winter white.To add more texture, I found a few white throw pillows, one with a nice knit pattern and another pillow with a some silver detail. I wanted the pillows to feel very seasonally appropriate. Converting your bedroom for a season, can be as easy as adding a new plush throw or changing a lampshade. It all depends on your person preferences and whatever added touches will make the difference to your surroundings. 

I like to use dark bedding to contrast with the light duvet cover and throw pillows. I am a big fan of Hotel Collection, because the fitted sheets are deep enough to fit perfectly over a pillow top mattress. I tend to lean towards plum, chestnut or grey for the winter months. I can’t get enough of grey in the fall and winter months. 

I don’t have any carpeting in my apartment, which doesn’t really bug me until it hits the winter months. The hardest part of waking up on a Monday morning is leaving the warmth of my bed. A sheep skin rug is a nice surprise when I hop out of bed, it is also just as inviting when it comes time to crawl into bed. Having a nice soft cushion for my feet softens the blow of having to head out into the cold every winter morning. 

Adapting my apartment to the seasons doesn’t cost a fortune. It is just a small tweak here and there. I have always been the type of person that relates my psychological state to the state of my home. If I have a clean house than I have a clear head. I feel that my space has to feel comfortable and relaxed in order for me to feel mentally relaxed. Having extra pillows to cuddle up to in bed, or a soft carpet is an easy way to get all nestled in for the winter. 
Winter White Bedroom

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