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10 Thing to Know About South East Asia


1. If you think a vehicle is at full capacity, there will be atleast five more passengers shoved in.
2. The price more likely than not half the price they say it is. This goes for bus fares, cab rides and anything you are thinking of buying at the night market.
3. Ask at least three people for information because each one of them will have a different answer. This is essential when asking about transportation, the first person you ask may say its impossible but you will find someone who will eventually help you figure it out.
4. Somehow you will always get there. You may feel lost. You paid cash at the hotel, they threw you on a bus, you have no ticket. The bus driver wakes you up, throws you on another bus, and pays your fare. The new bus driver points at you and tells you to get off. They have got this, you will always end up where you are suppose to end up. 
5. If the locals don’t understand you, most of the time they just respond yes. Do not take a yes without any further context.
6. Do not get a manicure or pedicure unless you bring your own manicure set. One word fungus and it wont be fun!
7. When you get to a new locations, sit down, get your bearings. The tuk tuks will swarm you and try to take you to your location but sometimes it is within walking distance.
8. Only eat the street food if its hot. Your street food needs to be fresh, or at least hot because the bacteria that breeds on room temperature food will make you sick. Also be careful about eating spring onions or any garnish that is put on your food after it has already been cooked, it probably hasn’t been washed properly. 
9. 130 KM is not an hour drive. Using google maps in South East Asia is never an effective method of figuring out how long it takes to get anywhere.
10. All the good restaurants don’t have menus. If you are a foodie like me, get to know the names of the foods that you want to try and how to spell them or say them in the native language. All the authentic places won’t have menus

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