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2015 – Top Choices for Places to Eat in Vancouver

If I tell you something is good, I mean it. There are so many places to eat at in Vancouver, it is to difficult to chose. I have this theory that every restaurant has one signature dish that they do really well. When I go out to eat, I am usually in search of this dish. I find a lot of places in Vancouver are all hype, and it is the most disappointing experience to wait in line for a meal and it ends up not being worth it. These are the top restaurants I have eaten at in 2015 and my favorite dishes from them. 

Brunch | Breakfast

568 Beatty St, Vancouver BC
I love going to brunch at Chambar because they take reservations on weekends and they are the sister restaurant to Cafe Medinas, so no need to wait in a pesky line for delicious waffles. I never have any complaints about the food here and I make sure I have enough room to share a waffle with white chocolate and pistachio dip to finish off my meal. 
2296 E. Hastings St. , Vancouver BC
I recently rediscovered this greasy spoon. I had forgotten how good it is. This is the best place to go if you have a hangover. I usually gravitate towards the Super Trucker or the Crisp Pork Belly. The pancakes are super fluffy and light the pork belly is nicely cooked, definitely worth a try.  


Various Locations
Tractor has simple fresh foods. I love the kale salad, and the truffle oil mushroom pasta salad. They usually have a nice fresh lemonade, which is equally as delicious. Although a little on the pricey side, my favorite spot for a light lunch. 
Various Locations
I used to love Tacofino for their restaurant on East Hastings. Their fish taco is to die for. When they opened up the Burrito bar in Gastown, I started to have a serious burrito problem. The crispy chicken burrito is so so so so so good. I crave it all the time. 
3913 Knight St
The family that owns this restaurant is so sweet and friendly. Although it does not look like much from the outside, they have the most delicious Vietnamese subs. I usually get the pork one, and you can’t beat the price, only $3.75! 


305 Alexander St, Vancouver BC
This cute little restaurant in Railtown is one of my top choices, especially if I am craving Italian. The pasta is made fresh and this is a restaurant, where I have never ordered a bad dish. I love the fried Brussels and pretty much all of their pasta dishes. 
1622 Commercial Drive, Vancouver BC
My boyfriend and I have a terrible Mezcal addiction. I asked our waiter what we should order and he really came through. From that moment forward, I refuse to order anything else. We have tried a few other items in addition to our usual, but our usual is still the shining star. We always order Queso fundido with Salsa Verde (a cheese fondue in a volcanic rock) and chicharron norteno (steak and avocado in a volcanic rock). We use the tortillas and make a wrap with the melted cheese and beef, I dream about this cheesy creation. 
244 East Georgia, Vancouver BC
I would never think to go in here on my own, however my co-worker raved about this place. He recommended I order the Beef Lucluk and the chicken wings. Both dishes are super tasty and this place is pretty affordable. If you aren’t looking for anything fancy and just want a nice meal, pop in. 
I am sure 2016 will welcome some new favorites for me to frequent. Let me know what you think of the spots I recommended. 

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