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5 Reasons to Visit Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Usually, when I am trying to decide on a travel destination, I have a simple criterion, I need to be sure there are activities there that I enjoy, I usually want to go somewhere warm and there must be good food. Mostar definitely meets this criterion. The city is rich with history, photo-worthy attractions, and cheap eats.

To be completely honest, Bosnia and Herzegovina was never on my bucket list. It wasn’t until I was planning my trip to Croatia, and I started researching nearby countries to tag onto my vacation that I discovered it. My girlfriend showed me pictures of Kravica Falls and the Stari Most bridge and I knew I needed to see it for myself. Mostar truly resembles a place that you would only find in storybooks.

5 Must-See Attractions

Two days in Mostar is more than enough time to fully explore all the city has to offer. I rented a car and drove there first thing in the morning so that I could beat the crowds. On the way in, I stopped at the Kravica Waterfall and then spent the next day sightseeing. Everything is fairly close together, so it is easy to see all the main attractions.

1. Kravica Falls

Address: Studenci bb, Studenci Ljubuški 88320, Bosnia & Herzegovina

Like most of the national parks in Southeast Europe, Kravica Falls does not disappoint. Some of my favorite images of my trip were taken at waterfalls. I went in September and the water was pretty cold but still enjoyable. As I was leaving it did start to fill up and get busier, it is best to look at tour schedules and try to avoid being there at those times, because it does not hold crowds. well.

I would recommend renting a car if you are wanting to get some good photos. There are quite a few tour companies that will take you to the falls from Croatia. It is roughly a 40-minute drive outside of Mostar and about a two-hour drive from Split.

2. The Old Bridge | Stari Most

Address:  Stari Most, Mostar 88000, Bosnia and Herzegovina

The most iconic attraction in Mostar, is this ottoman style bridge. It was destroyed during the Croat-Bosniak war and rebuilt in 2004. It is used to connect the one side of the city to the other. Every year Red Bull hosts a diving competition and people jump off the highest point of the bridge. This bridge is Instagram goals, literally something that would be picked out of a fairytale.

3. Blagaj Tekke

Address: Blagaj bb, 88000, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Blagaj is home to a Dervish monastery that was built in 1520, it remains untouched from the war. There are a few places you can eat and have a view of the river, or you can walk around and check out the opening of the cave. There is also quite a few mountain goats.

4. Kriva Cuprija Hotel

Address: Kriva ćuprija I (Onešćukova 23) 88000 Mostar

I was adamant at staying at this hotel since it was in the heart of Mostar with a view of the river and it is in an updated stone building (very rustic and Instagram-worthy). The hotel is very charming and unique, the only issue is that the Wifi is not great given the age of the building.

5. Fave Eats

Europe is usually not considered to be a budget-friendly trip, however, Bosnia and Herzegovina are an exception to this. Not only is it very affordable, but they also have amazing food options on a budget.

On the first night, I run into some locals and they recommended that I visit Pizza Caffe Bar Nidde Veze. This place specializes in dessert style crepes which are not only amazing but very inexpensive. I ordered three dishes and it was $11 CAD.

Another spot that cannot be missed, is Tima – Irma. When I first checked into the hotel they recommended I try the restaurant that they have on-site which serves traditional dishes, however, my friend had told me about Tima-Irma so I was certain I wanted to go there for dinner. I got there at 5:30 PM and there was a line up out the door. The restaurant is quite small, but the service is quick and the portions are huge. I ordered the platter and enjoyed every last bite. If I had stayed longer, I probably would have eaten every meal there.

The Currency

I went out of my way to get the Bosnian Convertible Mark, however since it is so close to Croatia, all the restaurants and stores actually accept Croatian Kuna, so if you are planning to visit Croatia as well, there is no point in converting your money.

Other Tips & Tricks

I would highly recommend renting a car to get around to all the nearby attractions, especially if you are coming through Croatia. I heard nightmares about all the border crossings, especially when you are taking the bus.

The city itself is very walkable, so I would recommend parking your car and then exploring the local shops. Mostar has an assortment of vendors with leather goods, lanterns, and bags. The prices are very reasonable and open to negotiation.

As an affordable European city, I would definitely recommend adding Mostar onto your itinerary.

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