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5 Rules For Successful Laser Hair Removal

Although genetics have blessed me with a tan all year round, they have also cursed me with the fastest growing, coarsest body hair. Every single time I go to a laser hair removal appointment they try to up-sell me, and in the hopes of basically getting rid of all of my body hair. The only hair that I have that does not grow at a rapid pace is the hair on my head, which seems to only feel comfortable staying at shoulder length and then giving up.  

I am the most unsuccessful laser hair removal patient. Going to my laser hair removal appointments is a constant struggle and I have yet to achieve baldness on any of the body parts that I have tackled; You may wonder why I feel qualified to tell you how to be successful. I have learnt from my mistakes and I am ready to take hair removal seriously. 

Rule #1

Make your appointments ahead of time and go to the them regularly. I break this rule every time! I can barley make it to the dentist, so making time for a strictly cosmetic appointment is basically impossible for me. If you take too much time between appointments you are basically back at the start, so try to go every eight weeks. It also only takes two seconds, totally doable. 

Rule #2

Do your homework! There are so many laser hair removal machines out there and like most things in life, they are not all created equal. Some laser hair removal techniques are better for darker skin people and some are not. From the research I have done alexandrite is better for light skinned people and ND:Yg works well for darker skinned people. Usually you can check the website for the salon and figure out what type of machine they use. 

Rule #3

You won’t be able to tan. When you are tanned the laser has a greater risk of burning your skin, so if you are planning on tackling an area it is best done in the winter months. Otherwise, you stand the chance of being turned away at your appointment or having the laser set to a low setting which will not be as effective.

Rule #4

No waxing at all! I thought I would help the process along by waxing. This is not allowed because than it is harder for the laser to spot the root of the hair. I am so inconsistent with my hair removal so this was not a deal breaker for me, but something to consider. Plucking is also in the same realm as this. 

Rule #5

There is always a deal to be had. I have a motto, why pay more when you can pay less. For procedures like this, I don’t exactly want to get a bargain (you could get what you pay for), but the laser hair removal market is so saturated in Vancouver that there is always a deal to be had. I use the app One Sprout and search for deals on Laser Hair Removal in my area. I always read all the reviews on Yelp or Google and investigate into the machine that they use just in case. 
Now is the time to look into getting hairless before the summer comes! Hope these tips help! 

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