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    Travelling as a Couple

    Travelling with a significant other is completely different from vacationing with a significant other. When you are travelling over a longer period of time, there is bound to be bumps along the way. Organizing where to stay, which attractions to see and how to get from point A to point B is not always an easy task, especially in an under-developed country.  Be Understanding Like I mentioned, travelling is a stressful time. When my boyfriend and I headed off to South East Asia, it was his first big trip. I tried to show him the ropes, but he wanted to learn on his own. I had to let him fail…

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    2015 – Top Choices for Places to Eat in Vancouver

    If I tell you something is good, I mean it. There are so many places to eat at in Vancouver, it is to difficult to chose. I have this theory that every restaurant has one signature dish that they do really well. When I go out to eat, I am usually in search of this dish. I find a lot of places in Vancouver are all hype, and it is the most disappointing experience to wait in line for a meal and it ends up not being worth it. These are the top restaurants I have eaten at in 2015 and my favorite dishes from them.  Brunch | Breakfast Chambar Restaurant  568 Beatty St, Vancouver BC I love…

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    Christmas in Vancouver

      I adore the Christmas season. I look forward to the hot chocolate and baileys, festive lights and gingerbread house construction. Every year I try to attend as many Christmas events as possible. It is hard to get into the Christmas spirit in Vancouver because there is rarely any snow unless you venture to the mountains. The decorations make up for the lack of white sprinkling around town.   Canyon Lights Capilano Suspension Bridge, the imaged I posted above, is a magical place.The twinkle lights on the Capilano Suspension Bridge are one of the highlights of my holiday season. On a clear night it is the perfect attraction.For some reason…

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    A Local’s Guide to Jamaica

    Jamaica was always a place I took for granted. I was never really excited to go there because it felt like a second home, and I would rather travel to somewhere new. Now that I am older, I feel very fortunate when I get to travel there. Especially because my grandparents have now passed away, and whenever I am there it brings back so many fond memories and helps me feel close to them. In Jamaica they have a slogan,”It is very warm here, and the weather is nice too.” This truly represents the people in Jamaica because majority of them are so friendly.  As a child I always thought…

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    Welcome to Portlandia

    Portland is near and dear to my heart for a few reasons, no sales tax, food trucks everywhere and they love to re-purpose old buildings. I have a love for vaulted ceilings and exposed brick. Portland fits right into all my basic requirements of a good getaway spot.  DO try to hit up as many happy hours as possible. Happy hour is so cheap in Portland, there is even a app that will show you all the Happy hour specials in the city. Why not eat like a senior and pay less for your meals on your vacation. There are so many good places. Once of my favorite happy hours was from Saucebox.…

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    Settling into Seattle

    Seattle used to be a routine trip when I lived in Kelowna. My parents would drive us down at least once a year and we would go to all the outlets and shop until we dropped. It wasn’t until I moved to Vancouver that I actually started to visit Seattle as a tourist and not strictly as a consumer. Seattle has become one of my favorite spots to visit for a weekend getaway. I do enjoy hitting all the tourist attractions, but Seattle also caters to Instagram enthusiasts, as well as craft beer and coffee lovers.  Pike Place I will just get this knocked off the list. The Pike Place market is an iconic tourist…

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    Relaxing Weekend Getaways in BC

    Vancouver gets to me every now and again, people everywhere I go, the hustle and bustle. It is nice to escape the city and have a sporadic weekend getaway. I always return home feeling completely recharged. I used to think I enjoyed camping, but as I got older I realized how much work it truly is. My ideal weekend is spent relaxing poolside, and if there is hiking near by, than that is an added bonus. Sparkling Hill Resort When I was living in Kelowna I thought that Sparkling Hill Resort was so close, so I had to make sure I visited it. It is a very interesting resort. The…

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    Mexico: My list of do’s and don’ts for Puerto Vallarta

    It is getting that time of year again, the weather is about to change and it is time to consider a destination for a winter getaway. I know my boyfriend and I have been throwing around a few ideas. Not every trip has to be an adventure. Especially when life gets hectic, it is nice to have a low key week-long getaway.  My mom has never been a  fan of Mexican food, and since she is from Jamaica, if we are planning a vacation in a hot destination, she insists on going back to Jamaica. I finally had my opportunity to go to Mexico last year. Although we did do the…

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    Steps to Planning a Trip

    My friends tend to make fun of me for my OCD nature. I live for structure and planning. Especially when I am preparing to go on a trip, I want to make sure I can get the most effective use of my time. Trip planning can be very stressful, overwhelming and time consuming. I strongly believe that it is important to put the effort into researching your destination before you leave, so you don’t waste your time while you are away sitting in front of a computer. For a one or two week getaway, my trip planning is minimal, but for a lengthier trip more planning is definitely needed.  Photo…

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    So Long Sweet Summer

    This has been my best summer yet in Vancouver. I feel bad because it is very unfortunate that the drought resulted in so many forest fires, but it also allowed for an increase in outdoor activities. This weekend felt like a final goodbye to days spent in the sunshine. Especially because the weather forecast calls for rain all week. A friend of mine told me about  Widgeon Falls.  It is located in Maple ridge. It took me about 45 minutes to drive there from Vancouver. This trip was the perfect way to conclude summer. I rented a canoe and paddled up the creek to a hiking trail to get to the falls. It took…