Dermaplanning: Everything You Should Know Before Shaving Your Face

I never thought that shaving my face would be a new staple in my weekly routine. Not only does dermaplanning remove my female moustache but it also does wonders for my skin. The main reason I decided to try it was because of my lack of effort with exfoliating, but like most people, my skin definitely needs it. The idea of exfoliating and removing peach fuzz all in one swoop, allowing for dual benefit with minimal effort is an effective use of my time. Dermaplanning also allows your makeup to go on smoother and brightens up your complexion. All good things in my eyes.

I stumbled across an article on dermaplanning over a year ago; I quickly searched for clinics that were able to perform the treatment. There were only a few local clinics that offered the service, and they were all quite far away from where I live. I began my journey through the tangled web that is the internet, as you do when uncovering a new beauty treatment, or most things for that matter. Four to fives hours later and numerous Youtube tutorials later, I decided, dermplanning was something I could handle myself. I ordered the razors off of Amazon and patiently awaited their arrival.

My decision to DIY shave my face definitely paid off, I notice a drastic difference in my skin. The process is quite simple, easy to do and requires minimal supplies. I can’t imagine paying a price tag of $100+ for this treatment, especially when the Shiseido razers are $8 for three and they basically all you need.

Dermaplanning has a few simple rules:

  1. Don’t pass over the same area more than once
  2. Perform the task only on dry clean skin
  3. Do not make contact with any blemishes you may have
  4. Clean your razor with rubbing alcohol after the procedure

Seems easy enough, right? Here are my step by step instructions for performing dermaplanning at home:

Step 1

It is hard to look cute blow drying your face…

Wash your face with your daily cleanser. Dry your face and apply toner to your face. Ensure your face is completely dry by blow drying your face for 10 – 20 seconds.

Step 2

Now its time to get your dermaplanning razor. Pull your skin taut with one hand and run the razor across your face with the other hand. I start at my forehead and work my way down. Make sure to avoid your eyebrows and eye area. Hold the razor slight angled so that you are not digging into your face but lightly sweeping. As you move along our face continue to hold your skin so that you have nice clean lines.

After every couple of stokes wipe the blade with a paper towel so it does not get too much build up. Be careful on your nose. Instead of running the blade directly down the bridge of your nose, push your nose off over to either side of your face to avoid putting direct pressure on your bridge and possibly nicking your nose.

This is just a small sample of the skin and hairs that were removed from my face. Gross right?

Step 3

Once you have completed running the blade across your whole face, apply a rich moisturizer. I personally like to use a serum, followed by a mixture of half nighttime cream and half vitamin c concentrate. The mixture will help restore the moisture into your skin and brighten it up after the treatment.

I usually try to do my face once a week to prevent my complexion from getting dull. It takes me about 10 – 15 minutes to do and I notice a huge difference in my skin. I highly recommend it for the winter months to get rid of dull dry skin.

The razor blades seem intimidating but the blade is dull compared to a traditional razor you would use to shave your legs. I have only cut myself once and it was when I went over my nose too many times. It is very important to just do a quick sweep to avoid drawing blood. It really sounds scarier than it is.

For more skin care advice check out my post on treatments to do in your 20s and 30ths.

I hope this gives you the confidence to try dermplanning yourself. Let me know in the comments if you have any questions about the process.

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