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Feeling at Home in a New Place


Home is where ever I am with you”

It has taken a couple months to feel settled into my new place. After countless stressful days at work and then late nights organizing this unfamiliar space, I was feeling mentally and physically exhausted. At the end of a long evening, all I could think about was how I wanted to go back home, which was no longer an option.

Now that we have fully moved in and for the most part unpacked all our boxes my new place feels less like a stranger’s home and more like my own home. These are a few things that I found helped me make the transition:

Familiar or Pleasant Scents
I started trying to create new routines that were similar to the routines I had in my old home. I lit candles that had familiar scents when I get home, or spritzed rose spray before bed.  I also got scent packets to put in my closets, so they would smell more like the home I left and less like someone else’s space. Slowly, I have become accustom to the smells that greet me when I open the front door.

Bring Life into the Space
I started with fresh flowers, than progressed to a few potted plants. Having some greenery and something to take care of gave me a sense of routine and ownership. They also help liven up the place. 

Unpack and then Re-Organize
When I first unpacked I just wanted to get rid of the boxes. When I finally had the time, I decided to think about where I placed my items and made a conscious effort to find a place that makes the most sense. I redid the pantry and moved different items to different shelves. I made sure the things I use on a regular basis are on the bottom shelves so they are easiest to reach, and the things I use less frequently are on the top shelves. 

Finishing Touches
I took the time to lay out all my pictures and artwork and find the perfect place on the wall for them. The furniture layout comes first, before you start to nail holes in the wall. Seeing the bare walls made the space feel so empty, so when I finally had wall hangings it altered the sterile appearance. 

Getting to Know My Kitchen
It took us a while to get our kitchen up and running, but once I cooked my first meal I figured out where everything was and got used to moving around in it. Running the dishwasher, loading and unloading it, it gave me a sense of normalcy. I am still not 100 % about where I placed everything but it does feel like my own kitchen. 

Spend More Time There
I think the biggest thing is having people over, entertaining and trying to spend a little more time at home organizing rather than being out and about. Last weekend was the first time we spotted dust on the floor and baseboards as an official welcoming of our place being lived in. 

It is weird, I do still feel homesick from time to time but I am slowly falling in love with my new home. There is always going to be that transition from a place where you go at night to a place that you call home. Once I get everything where I want it, I am pretty confident I will never want to leave. I would love to hear your tips in getting settled in after a move. 

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