How to: Create a Successful Tinder Profile

Tinder has successfully made online dating mainstream. The app is estimated to be utilized by 50 million users. 45 percent of these users are between 25 – 34 years old. It is no surprise this app is widely used. The idea of swiping through pictures to find the right match makes tinder similar to a game. The more matches the more desirable people feel. I know there is a lot of discussion about Tinder being solely based off of appearance, but in the dating world, initial attraction is important. I have quite a few amazing, successful and charming friends that do not do well and Tinder. Creating the right profile is very important. 

Where to Start

A picture says a 1000 words, so choosing 5 or 6 pictures to portray your whole personality is a very difficult task. I have found with my guy friends especially they do not take the time to read profiles. They just like the act of swiping, so getting a nice first impression picture is important. The first picture should be endearing in some way, I personally think shying away from selfies is a good idea. 

Creating a First Impression

I love to travel, so including a picture with a backdrop of a different country is a good conversation starter. It is a good way to find common ground. Other good cover photos are pictures with your dog or if you have a professional head-shot use this as a first photo. Make sure you can clearly see what you look like. Also do not have a picture with someone else in it because it will be confusing which person you are. 

Looking Your Best

Think of Tinder as a job interview and when do you look the best? At formal events, a picture from a wedding is always a nice touch on Tinder. It is impossible for a guy not to look handsome in a nicely tailor suits, and the same can be said for a women in a nice tailored dress. 

The Adventure Picture

Choose your passion, it may be white water rafting, snowboarding or hiking. Choose something that was a fun experience that you would want to talk about. If you aren’t an outdoorsy person don’t fake it. You know yourself best and you want to find someone who is willing to enjoy your hobbies with you. 

Choose an image of you doing something you are passionate about. A picture of you painting if you are an artist, or playing an instrument, the list goes on. You know you best. It is also important to make sure that you are not wearing a hat or sunglasses in every picture.

The Fun Picture

Yay! We have proven to be interesting but it is also important to show a social side. This is the one picture where a group picture is most appropriate. It is hard to identify which person you are if you post too many group pictures. Remember social picture does not have to include drinking, unless you want to attract another bar star. Knowing the type of person I want to attract, I would include an image from a potluck with friends, a fun day at the beach or wine tasting with girlfriends. Remember though, bathing suit pictures will definitely lead to the wrong kind of attention. A tasteful picture that isn’t overly sexy could work. Just be mindful of it. 

Now you can get to finding the right match! Hopefully you will attract some quality candidates. Happy swiping! 

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