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My Boho Inspired Master Bedroom

My favourite neutrals, budget-friendly tips, and all the things that make my bedroom cosy.

When I first moved into my place it was the opposite of relaxing, there were so many different paint colours and window treatments, it wasn’t speaking to my aesthetic. Over the years, I have been slowly chipping away at making upgrades.

Switching out my queen for a king was a pretty bold move for my small space. It also meant finding bedside tables that would allow the switch. To accommodate my growing wardrobe, I had to add in a PAX wardrobe. A drastic closet edit is probably needed, since I have way too many clothes and no where to go. Anyways, I digress. Basically I wanted my room to feel calming, incorporate natural elements and be functional for everything I need it to do.

So as they say in MTV cribs, let me show you where the magic happens…(if you understand this reference you are old like me.)

My Bed

I love a natural wood look. I am drawn to matte finishes. I did go back and forth deciding if I wanted an upholstered bed frame or a wooden one. I am glad I went with a wood frame. My bed was a steal as far as wood beds go. I pick my bed up from Structube, a local Canadian store. They are similar to Ikea, I had never shopped there before but they were the only ones that had something within my price point that had the look that I wanted and it was under $1,000.

To add to the boho feel I really like textured bedding. I was eyeing my bedding for a long time before I ordered it. I waited for it to go on sale at Simons. I had originally ordered the throw pillows as well but I found it looked too matchy-matchy for my liking and I opted to add in some textured pillows instead.

Bedside Tables

My wardrobe is white, so for a semi-cohesive, I wanted to have white bedside tables. I had a really hard time finding ones small enough, but I finally settled on a set from Ikea. To add a personal touch and make them look more expensive I opted for different knobs. Anthropology and CB2 have a large assortment of knobs, its an easy hack to elevate budget furniture (no DIY required).

Another thing that I don’t mind mixing up is lamps. I made sure they are the same height but I like that they aren’t matching. I stumbled across one at Walmart of all places and the other is from Structube. I really like gold details, so I like that these lamps both have a gold finish.

Fashion and function are my main home decor principles. My before bed routine is moisturizing, high bun, followed by lip balm application, I keep all my goodies in a porcelain container next to my bed.


Since my bedroom is so small there isn’t much room for decor. Eventually I want to get a rug or two runners, I haven’t fully committed to anything just yet. I have a basket that holds my throw pillows when they aren’t on the bed, a dream catcher to add to the boho look (and to catch my nightmares), and I created a gallery wall with some of my favourite travel photos.

Similar Looks

The Final Look

I really love the boho vibe for my home, I try to stick to natural elements and light colours. Finding the right home decor piece is more of a scavenger hunt for me. I will see pieces and know right away that I have a special spot for them. My home is not only a place to relax but also a small reflection of my interests and myself.

I have been meaning to do more home tours since I moved in, let me know if you like posts like this, or if a quick Instagram post will suffice.

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