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My Favourite Things in My New Home

Must haves for a new home


My credit card has recently experienced some intense abuse over the last few months. It took a while for my new place to feel like home, so I made nesting a top priority. It is really the small details that make your space feel like a home. Sorry about the overwhelming amount of home decor posts, but this is my latest obsession. 

Rug From Urban Outfitters
I had been looking for a rug for quite some time. I wanted a pop of colour and colouring that would tie in all elements of the room. When I came across this rug I knew I had found the one. It has the grey from my sofa, the gold from my Moroccan pouf, a hint of pink and a fairly reasonable price tag. 

Water Fall Coffee Table from Stilwell Designs
I was drawn to having a waterfall style coffee table because of the minimalist look, and the convenience of neatly storing my pouf underneath. I love the combinations of the two woods and it is always nice to support a local small businesses owner.   

Silk Bedding from West Elm 
Treat yo’self was supposed to die with 2016 but I couldn’t help myself. I sleep on a silk pillow case to stop my hair from getting frizzy, so it only seems natural that I invest in a silk quilt and some new shams…the grey also goes perfectly with my new room. 

Ikea Ladder
Unfortunately, when it was just me, I only needed on bedside table. Now that my boyfriend and I live together, it may be time for me to give mine up and try to find a matching set. In the meantime, I bought a stool for my boyfriend to use as a bedside table. It does the trick, he doesn’t really need any storage and having the mismatched set does not look as bad as I initially thought it would. 

Aromagem from Saje Wellness 
I know you have already heard me complaining about how stressful my life has been, so I will keep it to a minimum. My diffuser has been great for helping me create a routine and unwind after work. Diffusers are beneficial for your health and well-being; It is relaxing, wards off illness, improves cognitive function, helps with allergies, and it smells great! My favourite scents are liquid sunshine and goddess. 

I have been waiting for some natural daylight to take some pictures of the final product. I should have a post up in the next week or so! Check out some of my other recent purchases in my Splurge vs. Save post. 


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