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My Go-To Products for Clear Skin

I have gone through stages with my skin, it goes from really oily to combination to dry in the winter. Skin is tricky because what works for one person may not work for another person. I have tried quite a few different products, in different combinations, but with so many variables, diet, exercise, weather, etc., it is hard to to formulate the best routine. My number one tip for anyone else that struggles with their skin, is to try products for yourself and see what works for you. When trying a new product see if you can purchase sample sizes or read reviews. There is nothing worse then being stuck with a whole container of a product that doesn’t work for you. Also,try to only introduce one new product at a time so you can track which products are effective. Anyways, here are the products that I can’t live without. I actually ran out of my cleanser the other day and my skin has gone totally haywire this week! 

Facial Cleanser

My top two choices are Neostrata Oil-Free Gel Cleanser and Paula’s Choice Skin Perfect Gel. I used Neostrata for years, the products do work but they are quite clinical and have no scent. Paula’s Choice is very similar, it is unscented, but if you tend to get blemishes and a white head here and there, I highly recommend this cleanser. I found my skin got used to Neostrata after a while, so I had to switch over to Paula’s Choice. 



Toner is my favourite step in a skincare regime. I love how fresh my skin feels after toner. Since my facial cleaner is not usually scented, I like to use either a cucumber or rose water toner. Burt’s Bees has a nice rose water toner. For a cucumber toner, I use Thayers with Witch Hazel. 



I used to stay away from moisturizer because my skin is so oily, later in life I learned about mattifying lotions and every oily skinned girl definitely needs one! Again Neostrata comes out on top for me! I love the way my skin feels every time I apply it. I use the oil-free lotion. The other moisturizer that I love is Fresh Youth Preserve cream, it is light and gives my skin a nice glow (it is anti-ageing too which is also a plus). I rave about this product in my Beauty Tips Post.

Spot Treatments

The best spot treatment I found was by prescription. I actually made the mistake of throwing it out and the doctor prescribed me a new product instead that just aggravated my skin. When I have one finicky blemish I will use Clindoxyl Gel to spot treat it. 


Since I have oily skin, I will usually put on powder before putting on my make-up. HD Make-up Forever Powder is like an Instagram filter for your face, even though it is translucent it still helps to even out fine lines. I will sometimes apply it and not bother with foundation or tinted moisturizer.

Tinted Moisturizer/Foundation

Searching for a foundation has led to quite a few humorous moments in my life, either the salesperson recommends a stark white colour or a dark cocoa brown that will never match my complexion. My go-to’s are fairly affordable. I usually use a cream in the winter and a powder in the summer. I use a combination of Garnier BB cream and tinted moisturizer. They are great to even out your skin tone without looking cakey. 

Having bad skin can be embarrassing, so I try my best to keep my skin looking great. If you have any recommendations for products that you can’t live without, let me know in the comments below. 

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