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Rainy Day in Vancouver – What to do

Vancouver doesn’t usually get snow in the winter, but they do get lots and lots of rain. The sunny days make up for all the grey and gloomy weather, because Vancouver is so naturally beautiful. I am an outdoorsy person, so this is when I struggle. I want to be outside but my options of outdoor activities in the rain are pretty slim. We have had winters in Vancouver where it doesn’t even get cold enough in the mountains to go snowboarding or skiing. I was less than thrilled when I heard that it is supposed to be rainy all weekend. I was loving hot summer weather Vancouver has been having and I have totally taken it for granted. Here are some of my go-tos for the rainy days:

Go For a Rainy Day Hike

Vancouver has a couple rainy days in the summer. I still like to try and go hiking. Intense hikes are dangerous because they can be really slippery. I usually like to go to Whytecliff Park or Quarry Rock

Indoor Rock Climbing


I have very little upper body strength, but I am working on it. Indoor rock climbing is an activity I would love to get good at. It is nice to try something different and challenge my body. I usually go to The Hive. 

The Vancouver Aquarium

On a rainy day, there is nothing more therapeutic than heading to the Aquarium. I can spend two to three hours here. The exhibits tend to change annually. 


Indoor Trampoline Park



Raining outside, why not jump around inside. I can’t believe how intense this is. I leave sweating my face off and I have the funniest time. 
Hope you like my rainy day activity ideas. Don’t get too wet in all this rain! 

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