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Splurge vs. Save: Home Decor Edition

It has been a long couple of months. My boyfriend and I have been actively trying to avoid nearly murdering each other while trying to navigate through looking at places, packing, moving, unpacking and now finally working on the finishing touches. 

I have learnt a lot of important lessons about home renovations and moving. I know that if I were to do this a second time, there is a multitude of things I would do differently, but I’ll save all that information for another blog post. I sold majority of my furniture so I wouldn’t have to move it, and because most of it I inherited in my University years, so they were hand-me-downs from my parents. My style has evolved and changed over the years, so I thought a fresh start would be nice. 

I was constantly going through the exercise of finding what I want, and then finding what i want that would fit within my budget. Here are the items I decided on for my new home, the splurge and the save options:

Industrial Style Pendant Light

I feel in love with the industrial style lighting from Kichler, which retails for $245.18 on Amazon. I was determined to find something similar for a lower price, especially because I needed three of them for my kitchen. I found a similar one, it is not quite the same as the fixture I feel in love with, but it is quite a bit cheaper. Lowes carries this Allen + Roth light on the left for $52.19.  
Eames Inspired Chairs
I have loved the Eames chair for quite some time, but at this stage in my life I can’t imagine spending $459 on one. I am sure it is worth it, there is no doubt in my mind that Eames is high quality, however I will have to wait until my bank account will allow for such an elaborate splurge, especially because I would like to a set of 4. Amazon has a way more economical option for $209 for the whole set! 
Gold Chandelier
The one thing most people know about me is that I love gold. I wanted my kitchen to be white and gold, I only buy things if they come with gold hardware and majority of my jewelry is gold. I was disappointed when I went to lighting stores and they said that gold is a fairly new trend, so there are not many gold items. I had to resort to a completely online search, looking for gold fixtures.I really like the look of Himmeli Diamond Cage Pendant lights but they retail for around $230 on Ebay , I search the depth of Amazon and found a similar replica model for $69. I had to make some minor adjustments but in the end it did the trick, for a much cheaper price tag.
Moroccan Pouf
Another addition that I wanted for my new home is a Moroccan pouf. A store in Vancouver called the Cross carries them for $395. I found similar ones on Ebay. I did a lot of research to make sure that they were leather and that the provider has a good return policy, Ebay is sometimes hit and miss so it is important to do your homework. The one I purchased ended up costing me around $100.   
We are almost all settled in, a few more projects to go. I will be sure to keep you updated so you can see the final product. I would love to know any of your favourite places to get affordable furniture/home decor ideas. 

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    Hi there!
    This is a great post, really interesting. Thought you might like to know that even though gold is a new trend, you can disassemble the light and make it gold yourself with a can of spray paint. Cheap and chic!

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