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    This is 32

    No one has been waiting for it but I am writing it anyways. One year after my break up, surviving COVID times and new beginnings. I did a round up post when I was about to turn thirty, which I just re-read and surprisingly I stand by my advice. I know it is only two years ago, but I really thought it would be cringeworthy. The only thing I would change is aesthetic, my photo skills/retrieving stock photo has improved. Black Lives Matter Around the time of my birthday the black lives matters movement broke out. I felt like it was an inappropriate time to push any of my own…

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    How to Get Unstuck

    As a person who thrives when they have a routine, I tend to have trouble taking a step back to fully acknowledge when I am stuck in a rut or not challenging myself or not making time to do the things that bring me joy. Falling into a rut is something I have talked about on my blog before. The advice I gave may still be relevant today, but becoming unstuck has become a more evolved process for me; over the years, I think we all have a tendency to get overwhelmed with the idea of adulting and we go into survival mode and start to distance ourselves from creating…

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    8 Things to Learn by 30

    A few weeks ago I had my 29th birthday. I was filled with mixed emotions; my life does not feel like the life of a 29 year old. I identify with being 27 not almost 30. My career, my personal life, every aspect of my life radiates 27 years young.  At 40, I will probably shake my head when I read this blog post. Anyways, now that I am 29, 30 is just around the corner. I mentally put together a list of all the things I think are important for me to master/know by 30. I always hoped I would be mentioned on one of those 30 under 30 lists… I…