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    No Make-Up Look

    I have been trying to ditch the makeup, purely out of laziness. Like most people, working from home has created an endless routine of sports bras, messy buns, and no makeup. When I have to leave the house, I really have to push myself to get ready. I hate the feeling of removing mascara from my eyelashes at the end of the day or looking in the mirror, only to discover that crusty crumbs of my mascara are now dusting my undereyes. Determining which occassions garner a prepped face was becoming very challening. I decided that a scaled back, low maintenance routine was needed. Don’t get me wrong, I love…

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    Skin Care: These are a Few of My Favourite Things

    I usually try to stick with the same beauty regime, especially when I find products that work for my skin. I only switch things up if there is a change in the season, or my skin has gotten “used” to a certain product. A while ago I put together a list of the products that I found worked well for my daily routine, some of them I still cycle through but I do like to change things up and try new products so I put together an updated list of all the products that I am loving right now. I picked my top five choices and included how I use…