The Changes in Your Relationship to Embrace and the Ones to Avoid

It is natural when a group of girlfriend get together, a common topic of discussion is their significant other, and perhaps there is some comparing of notes. I always analyze my relationship to the point of over-analyzing it and create waves. In reality, the ocean is probably calm. Being with the a long term relationship can have its ups and downs, it can get a little boring, but it can also be very rewarded. I hate to generalize, but the majority of us are looking for a person that we can share our lives with. This romantic ideal, is definitely not always easy, as relationships grow, things change. It is important to know what is worth embracing and what is worth fighting against. 

Don’t Freak Out, When You Stop Texting All Day

In the beginning of relationships, there is always that honeymoon phase, where you want to be in constant contact. Once a few years have passed, there is no need for the play by play. We are grown-ups, we have jobs, and we can talk when we get home. A cute check in text is nice, but there it is a little unnecessary to discuss your favorite genre of music or why pineapple is the best snack during work hours.

Do Be  a Little Jealous

Jealousy can be cancerous in relationships, however minor jealousy shows your significant other that you still care. Sometimes you can lose sight of what an amazing person your partner is and ignore the idea that other people will be drawn to them. Showing a little jealousy, shows them that they are not forgotten. 

Don’t Live In Your Sweats

One of the benefits of being in a long term relationship, “sweat pants, hair tied, chilling with no make-up on.” Drake may think that is when you are the prettiest…but there is something to be said about making an effort every once in a while. Getting dressed up, going for a nice dinner and putting your phones away, these are all things that are important to keep the “fire” alive. 

Do Develop a Routine

Co-existing is not becoming one person, developing schedules around each other is. Planning time apart is just as important as planning time together. When you only exist as one person, you can tend to lose your individual identity and you probably aren’t staying true to yourself. It is important to make time for the things that brought joy in your life long before you were with this individual. Make plans during the week to catch up with your friends, go to your routine exercise class or spend some quality alone time. Compromising too much of yourself can lead to resentment later down the road.  

 Don’t Take Each Other for Granted 

It is so easy to do this especially when you are comfortable with a person. Be sure to praise even the little things and try to create a nice balance of give and take. It is really the little things that make a difference in everyday life. The nice words never go unnoticed. 

It is worth it to build a strong relationship with your partner. Although it may not be easy all the time, is it worth it to work at it. Little check ins are important to make sure you are on track and both individuals are happy and finding fulfillment in the relationship. As time passes, you have to resist the urge to just be, and commit to keeping things interesting and exciting. 

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