The Trend I Can’t Get Enough Of: Marble

I have a slight obsession with white marble, you probably know this, if you have browsed through the photos I posted of my home. Anytime I see something white marble at a store, I have to exercise self control. I thought I would share some of the marble pieces I love! 

Marble Computer Case
Amazon is my go-to for phone cases and computer cases. The quality is good and they are reasonably priced. I order both the phone case and the computer case picture above from Amazon. 
Marble Kitchen Accessories
I couldn’t afford Marble for my countertops, but I could afford Carrara Marble tiles for my backsplash. To help tie in the marble theme, I bought a Marble paper towel holder from CB2 and a Marble utensil holder from Crate and Barrel

Marble Coasters
I like Marble coasters because they are a nice decor item, that serves a purpose and doesn’t end up looking like clutter. I love these hexagon shaped ones that I found on Amazon. 

Marble Clock
I luckily stumbled upon a minimalist Marble Wall clock at Winners for $24. I am clearly not the only one on the marble band wagon, because since then everywhere I go I see similar clocks. I have posted a similar block in the collage below. 

Marble Bedding
Urban Outfitters has designed this amazing marble themed bedding. This is an item, that I fell in love with but couldn’t bring myself to purchase because I had just but new bedding. 

Marble Stationary 
I don’t know how Chapters Indigo does it, but they always seem to be able to sell me something I don’t need. They have a whole collection of Marble pencil cases, notebooks and pens.   
Marble Housewares

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