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What to Wear to a Music Festival


Music Festivals are an opportunity to wear clothes that you would never dream of wearing in your regular everyday life. There is also a 50/50 chance you won’t return home with this item and a 80 percent chance it will be ruined or covered in dirt. Yup, festival life is not for the faint of heart. 

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I love music and I love bohemian fashion, so festivals are basically my playground. Last year, flower crowns were all the rage but this year is all about flash tattoos! Every girl and the occasional guy will be covered in these at music festivals. You  don’t have to get the flash tattoo brand, Aldo, Garage and Ardenes all have alternatives that are pretty comparable.

I feel every year is more bohemian than the last. Prints are in, floral, paisley, whatever you got! Don’t be afraid to try something loud. Pom poms and fringe are also a hot commodity. Lace is a staple but I generally have a rule of staying away from white. Tops aren’t so bad, bottoms are my biggest concern.  The moment you sit on the grass, your white bottoms will not be pretty.  

Flats are always a good idea. Gladiator sandals are a cute look for during the day. I try to stick to sneakers for night time, because there is a higher chance of having your feet trampled on. I was just at the Pemberton Music Festival and I did not bring a sweater! I froze, a nice cardigan is also a must. 

Sometimes the shower line is far too long, so a good backup plan is to bring a hat. Day 3, your hair might not be photo ready, and trust me you will want to take photos. Big floppy hats are in, but I would honestly recommend a regular baseball cap or a scarf. Personally I still choose comfort over fashion. 

I have picked out some of my favorite look for this festival styles season.

For more ideas, check out my Festival Fashion Pinterest Board 
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