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    My Guide to Los Cabos

    If you were a Laguna Beach fan like me, you would remember the episode when Kristen says “What happens in Cabo, stays in Cabo.”, and of course they have a wild and crazy spring break adventure. Cabo was not my first choice for a destination vacation, but the timeline worked; my boyfriend and I had both never been and it was a hot destination to getaway from the most intense Vancouver winter. Our trip overlapped with American spring break, so we did have a couple James Franco “Spring Break forever” moments, however I am not complaining at all, we had a wonderful trip.  San Jose Vs. San Lucas If you know…

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    Vacaton Planning: Mayan Riviera

    It is always hard to plan a vacation, when you have never been to the place you are visiting. Before I travel, I have usually have a well thought out travel plan. I scour google for tips and read as many blog posts as I can to research the area.  For this trip, I was very busy with work, so I did absolutely no vacation planning.   Although, getting away it always nice and It is hard to complain about hanging out by the pool, and having meals prepared for you around the clock; I do have a few regrets about my decision to neglect planning.   Make a List…

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    All The Things I Should of Brought to the All- Inclusive

    There is always that moment when you are on vacation, and you open your suitcase in disbelief because you completely forgot to pack the most basic items. I continuously bring 7 dinner dresses, yet neglect to pack a brush. Some things are intuitive and others are more of an after thought. Here are all the items I wish I packed before heading to Mexico and the ones I remembered as an added bonus:   A Zip Lock Bag or Small Waterproof Container For day trips, swimming in the ocean or hanging out by the pool. This is a handy thing to have. Having a water resistant place to put cash,…

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    Mexico: My list of do’s and don’ts for Puerto Vallarta

    It is getting that time of year again, the weather is about to change and it is time to consider a destination for a winter getaway. I know my boyfriend and I have been throwing around a few ideas. Not every trip has to be an adventure. Especially when life gets hectic, it is nice to have a low key week-long getaway.  My mom has never been a  fan of Mexican food, and since she is from Jamaica, if we are planning a vacation in a hot destination, she insists on going back to Jamaica. I finally had my opportunity to go to Mexico last year. Although we did do the…