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    Be Still My Heart

    As a lover of Valentine's Day, I couldn't help myself when it comes to cozy heart inspired knitwear. Although these sweaters can be worn anytime in the fall and winter, they seemed extra special for Valentine's Day. I put together a list of some splurges and some steals that I find absolutely adorable for Valentine's Day.

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    If you have been following me for a while you know that second to my love for travel is fashion and home decor. I try to share my daily looks, travel style, beauty tips and home decor on my LiketoKnowit page which is linked to this page in my blog.

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    Dermaplanning: Everything You Should Know Before Shaving Your Face

    Okay guys, full disclosure I shave my face! I can't stop, won't stop, it is literally the best thing for my skin. My make up goes on smoother, it gets rid of all my dead skin and best of all that pesky peach fuzz that every woman hates! I highly recommend dermaplanning, it is such an easy at home treatment that is cost effective and has instant results.

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    My Secret to Long Lashes

    My Eyelash Journey I had never had my lashes done before but I was headed off on a few beach vacations last winter, my girlfriends and I decided to get lash extensions so we could have effortless lashes on our trip. I was only planning to have them while I was on vacation but I became obsessed. I hate doing my makeup, so waking up and having my lashes looking flawless was such a treat. It is definitely a tradeoff, you know the old adage, pain is beauty, this definitely applies to eyelash extensions. They were so irritating to my eyes, I had trouble sleeping with them on and I…

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    Wedding Guest Looks

    It is wedding season. This year we only have one wedding to attend but I have quite a few friends who recently got engaged so I have a feeling that next year is going to be a busy one. I really struggle with wedding guest looks because usually, the “it colour” of the season ends up being the colour of most bridesmaid dresses. It is also an event that is heavily photographed, so choosing a dress that is timeless yet trendy can be difficult to navigate. AND of course the most important rule, avoid white and anything that may photograph as white; steer clear of grey, silver, really pale pinks, you don’t…

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    Save vs. Splurge: My Top Choices for Beaded Chadeliers

    When I first moved into my place, I had a vision of what I wanted to my home to look like. I gradually fell out of love with a lot of the pieces I was initially obsessed with having. The industrial feature above my eating area was one of these items. I knew I wanted something different but couldn’t figure out what. I started seeing really pretty beaded chandeliers on Pinterest, I liked that they has a softer look and a boho feel. It took me a long time to find some options that weren’t thousands of dollars and I am pretty happy with the result.     My Inspiration I love the look of this beaded…

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    Figure Flattering Jeans for Fall

      Best Jeans for Fall by jaemiesures featuring high-waisted jeans The worst feeling in the world is putting on jeans for the first time after summer. This year was no exception. As I get older comfort is my number one priority when it comes to my clothing choices. These are my top choices of flattering jeans to wear during the fall season. Levi’s High Waist Wedgie Jeans   These jeans are the perfect mix of comfort and structure. I love the high waist and the button fly. Mine are a slightly darker wash so they look great with booties and a cropped blouse or sweater. These look good on women with a butt or…

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    Anti-Aging: Cosmetic Procedures to Consider in Your 20s & 30s

    I used to have very limiting views on plastic surgery; I believed treatments were reserved for the rich and famous. It seemed superficial to be overly concerned with your appearance and aging was just a inevitable passage in life. In recent years, cosmetic procedures have become more common place in my life. My dad, who pays $5 to get his hair cut splurged on laser treatments for his rum nose and my mom routinely goes for chemical peels. Even within my own circle of friends, we are compare notes on the procedures we endure to keep us looking our best and to take proper care of our skin.  Before I dive right into…

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    The Trend I Can’t Get Enough Of: Marble

    I have a slight obsession with white marble, you probably know this, if you have browsed through the photos I posted of my home. Anytime I see something white marble at a store, I have to exercise self control. I thought I would share some of the marble pieces I love!  Marble Computer Case Amazon is my go-to for phone cases and computer cases. The quality is good and they are reasonably priced. I order both the phone case and the computer case picture above from Amazon.  Marble Kitchen Accessories I couldn’t afford Marble for my countertops, but I could afford Carrara Marble tiles for my backsplash. To help tie…

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    My New Home: Final Home Decor Touches

    I have been talking about it for months. I have finally had the chance to take some photos of my townhouse fully-renovated and almost completely decorated. The one thing I have come to realize is that decorating is a new ending process.  One of the things I love about my new place it that there is so much natural light. Quite a few of my favourite home decor pieces are in the living room. I chose pieces that are bohemian with a beachy feel.  One of my favourite accessories in the the room, is the chunky knit blanket. I found some similar ones online:   Gallery Wall I spent a…