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Outdoor Fitness Classes in Vancouver

I have finally started to regain my work-life balance, which includes trying to get back into the routine of going to the gym on a regular basis. In the summer, although it is nice to be in an air conditioned gym, it is also lovely to be in the sunshine. If you want to leak sweat or just have a light stretch there is an outdoor class available. 

Liquid Yoga
What is better than SUP Yoga? Liquid yoga, because it is in a pool the temperature of bath water! Falling in is quite enjoyable and you don’t have the waves to contend with. Balancing is still quite challenging and it is a completely different experience than yoga on solid ground. 

Outdoor Yoga
If you are not ready to take your downward dog out onto open water, Mat Collective has a series of outdoor yoga classes every day of the week. Not only do they offer a class right on the beach, they are also completely complimentary. 

RYU Sweat Club
RYU offers an assortment of fitness classes that are all for free. Join the Meet Up group for the full schedule. Last week I tried the HIIT classes and it was amazing. It had been a while since I worked out that hard and it felt so good. 

Tight Club Outdoor Fitness
Not only does Tight Club offer awesome indoor fitness classes, they also have outdoor cycling and running clubs. Visit their website to see if one of the scheduled times work for you. 

Fight the urge of chilling on the patio and check out one of these outdoor classes. I know I never regret the time I was able to fit a workout in. 

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